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Some guy named Javier Gonzalez sent me this email last week:

Your Flash Animation about the Console Wars of 01 with Nerd in the Shoe was one of your funniest creations ever. Til this day we laugh to ourselves of the random rantings that occured in that Flash Animation.

Now here we are in 05 with the next Generation Consoles ebign announced. I eager await to see another Console War Flash Animation with Nerd in the Shoe.

A man who's words are weak is no man, Stand for something and stay with it. Hypocricy is a plague.

...and since I REALLY didn't feel like writing anything today, I threw together a flash movie instead. I was so lazy I just took the original .fla from 2001 and added crap to it.

I can't believe that next November, I'll have a decade's worth of crap published on the Internet. Looking back upon all my articles, reviews, interviews, columns, pictures, flash movies, videos, etc., I think to myself... "JESUS CHRIST,YOU ARE INSANE! NO, SERIOUSLY, WHAT POSSESSED YOU TO DO ALL THAT GARBAGE, YOU CRAZY BASTARD??!?!"

And then since I'm a crazy person, I respond to myself by shouting conspiracy theories about how the government is controlling my brain. Then I go outside and flip a light switch on and off two-hundred times before breaking into my neighbor's apartment and giggling in her bathtub while chanting "JUMB-BAH-LIE-AH!" for forty-five minutes.

This feature sucks.

– Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen

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