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Reppin': Mr. Wiggles
If you've gotten as far as to read Internet articles about Internet forums (as you apparently have) but you're still not killing yourself by eating dishes of incredible unhealthiness devised by fellow Internet people, well I just don't know what to do with you.

Iron Chef America: Now with 30% less reality - Behold, our hopes and dreams have been dashed like so many nitrogen frozen beet juice balloons, ending in a slightly sticky and sweet puddle on the plate of a judge who can't tell the difference between pan seared ahi on a bed of microgreens and a Morimoto-special anchovy icecream.

Any other gardeners in here? (pics) - Yes, there are a lot of gardeners in here, and we're all angry that it's not warm enough to plant yet.

GWS has been given its FORUM INDEPENDENCE - “Goons With Spoons cannot be seen as a precedent for any other situation in the world today”

Holy shit I nearly killed us... - BOTULISM WILL KILL YOU.

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Reppin': SpecialOlympian
What a great day at the gym. First I was listening to Jock Jams, then I was covered in them.

Anonymous vs. Scientology 3 -- Birthday Party Edition - If you are still somehow unaware of Anonymous and the church of Scientology then watch this Panorama documentary, featuring the fantastic performance of a church official impersonating a human being. Be there March 14th in Clearwater and March 15th worldwide as we celebrate the birthday of a great man of science fiction.

Holy shit... I was on Jimmy Kimmel Live? - TRUE STORY: I once asked Sarah Silverman what it was like being married to Jimmy Kimmel. She said there was a running joke that he was Mr. Silverman. Then she shouted the word cunt but it was cool cause she's a girl.

Lets ask Google Image Search meaningful questions! [IMG HEAVY!] - Seriously there's a LOT of pictures inside and you old men with your 56k modems can't handle this thread where we treat GIS like Ask Jeeves. Seriously [56k NO].

Are you fit enough to be in the SNAK Posse? - Super Nutritionally Active Kids are here to take on the legally distinct Blow Camel and Mare McCheese.

Photoshop? In MY browser? (Get your Aviary invites inside) - This program looks like it will be really cool shareware version of photoshop but sign up now because the OP has 50+ pages of emails to scan through before he gets to your invite.

Facing My Mortality... - For real U.S. Army recruiters are so desperate for enlistees they're cruising the intensive care unit come check it out.

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