~*~ The Crackhead Clubhouse ~*~

Reppin': brb buddy
Sit back, relax, and figure out the best way to get high using nothing but Children's Dimetapp, a camping stove and some ground-up Excedrin Migraines.

Oh my god. I'm freaking out! - Finally, a thread which will serve as a compendium for all those "OMG IM OVERDOSIN" threads! Get in on the ground floor of this sure-to-be self-incrimination paradise!

Do you feel it's "different" to smoke with members of the opposite sex? - Surprisingly, there are many goons who have actually had sex and not just fantasies about having sex. Rarely on any internet community do you even bring up drugs and sex in the same conversation unless it is someone talking about how to use drugs in order to get sex.

Solar Hits/Rips appreciation thread - Finally, the environmentally-friendly energy source has been harnessed for smoking everyone's favorite party drug: good ol' Mary Jane or anything else you can fit in a pipe bowl. Learn how to take "solar rips" with a magnifying glass. You can then use that magnifying glass to kill ants. Ants are creepy, kill some ants alright?

Tell me about raves. - Ahh, the rave. The modern-day recreational drug department store, complete with music, well-lit shelves, and helpful staff covered in candy and hopped up on ecstasy. Who wouldn't want to spend all their time here? According to the raving elders, the rave scene was declared dead at the turn of the century/millenium, but there are still fun raves going on all over the place!

Tell me about Hobo Weed - If you thought Waar's Guide to Buying Drugs in the Ghetto from Strangers was getting sketchy, this guy apparently found excellent quality ganja from your neighborhood hobo. I'd try this out, but all my friendly block hobos are actually schizophrenic. I'll talk to them about an acid hookup, I guess. Anyway, enjoy the thread.

Cool internet vidoes to watch while high - These are all 100% self-tested and brb buddy approved! Add "Baby Snakes" to the end of this list, if not for the claymation, for the live Zappa performance! :350:

Let's talk about improving TCC - Well, Shadowstar left the moderator position here at TCC last week to focus on other projects...but JodoKaast was recruited to fill the position and we couldn't be more happy. He even made this wonderful thread to post suggestions as to how to improve TCC. The forums have gone through so much change and TCC is no exception, but many members are torn as to any improvements or modifications which need to happen. Voice your opinion in this thread.

~*~ The TV IV ~*~
Reppin': rubber cat
Keep up with your favorite shows and discuss their intricacies with loads and loads of people with nothing better to do than to count how many times Jim looked at the camera last week.

Lost - 5/23 - "Through the Looking Glass" - This is the largest thread dedicated to a single episode of a TV show in TV IV history. In true forum fashion, a substantial chunk of it is comprised of such posts as "HOLKY FUCKING FLASH FORWARD," "OH MY FUCKING GOD...OH MY GOD," "whoa....whoa....Whoa........WHOA" and "WHAT IN THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Someday I am going to make a show that's just one plot twist after another and call it THIS FUCKING SHOW.

How long can you watch T.V. for? - Powercube asks the TV IVers how much TV they can watch in a day. The answer: a lot!

Arrested Development Extended Postpartum Depression - Taste the Sad - Goons were so dismayed when Arrested Development got cancelled that this thread was created as a semi-support group and chance to remember the good times. It's kind of sad.

Mr. Show Appreciation Thread - Take it from me, I love you! - Speaking of cancelled TV programs, here's a thread about Mr. Show, the sketch comedy show David Cross used to be in before he hit it big with the 2007 Alvin & The Chipmunks movie.

Television Dreams - Suzbotq has dreams about Radar from M*A*S*H.

~*~ Games ~*~

Reppin': Mr. Onslaught
It's our video games forum! What more do you want from me?!

"Chalk" - A free game you say? About chalk no less? - Forums poster konjak made his very own game about everyone's favorite type of mineral calcite.

Manhunt 2 Trailer Released - Checking out some new gameplay footage will let you get in on the ground floor of what is sure to be the most controversial game since "Custer's Revenge."

Mario Strikers: Charged Football - But it's called soccer in europe ??? - Allow those in the PAL areas to gloat for the first and only time about a game being released in their region first.

Medieval II: Total War - A Scotsman in Egypt - By popular demand, a rousing let's play thread about knights and stuff.

post the most ycseddest videos u got - Most of these videos suck, some of them don't. In a way, it's like a perfect microcosm of the internet itself.

~*~ Cinema Discusso ~*~
Reppin': Lutherous
If you're more familiar with the works of Marlon Wayans than Marlon Brando, this forum may not be for you.
Oh, who am I kidding?

Top 50 Visual Effects movies of all time The Visual Effects Society has made a list of the 50 movies that most influenced the visual effects field. Most of them you haven't seen and you would be surprised how much was done before the days of CGI and digital effects.

Anyone ever re-edited a movie? There are times when directors just have no idea what they are doing. Fortunately neither do we.

~*~ Anime Death Tentacle Rape Whorehouse ~*~
Reppin': Nate RFB

ADTRW gets a smaller title than the others because it has a large name and also anime dudes weird me out.

Dennou Coil: Wikipedia Brown will find your Tamagotchi - What if the internet and reality were MEEEERGED? It's like Digimon without the suck.

The High School of the Dead. George A. Romero Goes to Japan? [pics] - Man I hate zombies I don't know about you. Oh hey power tools!

Lovely Complex: You must be at least this tall to ride <--------- - Japanese people are short.

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