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Reppin': Mr. Onslaught

Broadly loved games you just don't "get" - Portal is not really that great.

Share your brilliant idea for saving a dead/dying franchise! - The entire dead genre of point and click adventure games could be revitalized on the DS.

Life ruining games you had to quit - World of Warcraft is mentioned in this thread a lot. If you are addicted to WoW and can't quit, then there is something else you should consider quitting: life

It is never Lupus in the House: MD Cellphone Game - Maybe it's Sarcoidosis.

dreamcast owned, owns and will continue to own throughout the eons - Crazy Taxi is so good it is in contention for Game of the Year eight years after its release.

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Reppin': OKCecil

NCAAB Dec. - You're telling me that woman is Blake Griffin? - The most wonderful time of the year, where big conference teams are done with their pre-season tournaments and play six cupcakes in a row before their conference schedule begins. Watch out Morgan State, the big bad guys are letting you come to their place to get slaughtered! Enjoy your paycheck on the way out.

MLB Offseason - December - Something will happen soon - Oh no, the economy being in shambles means we're going to have to cut players and only offer players a couple of million dollars instead of tens of millions of dollars*. Baseball is surely ruined unless they can get a chunk of that $700 billion bailout to help cope with rising salaries.

*Yankees, Red Sox exempt

NCAA Division I Playoffs: Wait, aren't you guys DII? - What's this now? College football deciding their champion through a series of games at the end of the season between the best teams in the regular season? And you call these....play offs? What intriguing ideas you have! I'm afraid there's no chance of that ever happening in the college football division that actually mat

Texas congressman proposes legislation to force playoffs in BCS. - oh

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