BARN WISDOM with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: tom would like to set aside some time every day
Livestock: for a little bit of BARN WISDOM
Livestock: just you and me
Livestock: swapping BARN WISDOM
Livestock: i will let you have the honor of starting this new feature (BARN WISDOM)
Livestock: so tom, what kind of BARN WISDOM do you have for us today???
Moof: josh
Moof: here is some BARN WISDOM
Moof: "don't give two hoots whether there are owls in your barn - although they can be screechy, they are also useful to get rid of those pesky mice that are eating all your corn"
Livestock: some fine BARN WISDOM
Moof: thank you
Livestock: tom - if i may share some BARN WISDOM myself...
Livestock: looking to capture the heart of a gentle belle? show her you know how to take care of your barn. a fresh coat of red paint will not only make you look like a first class farmer, but will give your hogs, horses, and hay something to smile about.
Moof: great BARN WISDOM!!
Moof: top notch!
Moof: josh we should probably videoblog this
Moof: do you know of any barns where we can do this
Moof: i do but in england
Livestock: tom there was a barn in indiana.....
Moof: maybe we can go there
Moof: video some BARN WISDOM
Livestock: tom i think that barn was destroyed
Livestock: and a subdivision built on its ruins
Moof: noooooo...
Moof: josh i told you about my grandfather's farm
Moof: in plymouth
Moof: there was a horse that lived in the fields
Moof: and i would cycle down the lane to the barns
Moof: it was so nice
Moof: my mom took me there this last christmas
Moof: the barns are now houses
Moof: the field is now houses
Moof: there is a house in his garden
Moof: it was really really weird josh
Livestock: tom i think this BARN WISDOM feature needs to remain objective
Livestock: no personal details
Livestock: no emotion or heart, just pure wisdom
Moof: yes i agree

A Startling Lack of BARN WISDOM from Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: tom i think it's that time again
Moof: what time buddy
Livestock: tom what BARN WISDOM do you have for us today
Moof: ah yes
Moof: josh you go first
Livestock: i'm dropping some serious BARN WISDOM. hay everywhere? keep your barn looking sharp by putting your hay in bales. bales can be stacked neatly, freeing up much needed space for your barn folk. just keep the horses away (they love hay)!
Moof: josh that is excellent BARN WISDOM
Livestock: thanks tom
Moof: josh i dont have any barn wisdom
Livestock: what
Livestock: what
Moof: no barn wisdom
Livestock: jesus christ tom
Moof: josh i am tired and i have a headache and i want to die i am sorry...
Livestock: my god tom
Livestock: my god

Inappropriate BARN WISDOM from Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: tom - cloud-based gaming: reality, or pipe dream???
Moof: josh a reality for a long time now
Moof: you could jump on clouds on the first super mario
Moof: dont you remember josh
Moof: have you forgotten
Moof: have you forgotten...
Livestock: tom that's not what i meant.................
Moof: the old barn getting you down? remember, a weekend of repairs costs less than a lifetime of regret...
Livestock: tom that was some unexpected BARN WISDOM
Moof: josh i cannot be caged like a bird
Livestock: i know tom it's just there is a time and place for BARN WISDOM....
Livestock: we set it aside, remember????
Moof: josh i am not a dancing bear
Livestock: for pete's sake tom we're talking about BARN WISDOM here. this is nothing to fight about or mess around with.
Moof: josh i am sorry
Moof: sometimes i forget things
Livestock: i just don't know tom
Livestock: i just don't know anymore

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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