It has been a rough year and things seem to be growing worse with each passing day, but that's only because the news likes to highlight the bad side of things. We picked out some of our favorite uplifting stories of 2019 to help you end the year on a high note. There are still good people out there doing good things.

8-year-old gamer sells his hands to wounded soldier to pay for his dad's funeral

Uplifting quote: New adaptive controllers will keep this gamer competitive at his favorite games and Dylan hopes to sell his feet soon to buy a headstone. "You don't need feet to game."

5-year-old girl holds a lemonade fundraiser to pay for her own chemotherapy

Uplifting quote: She raised over $100 in a day of selling lemonade and plans to spend the next 200 weekends out there to raise the needed money for one of six $25,000 treatments.

7-year-old runs a double marathon to raise awareness to help Navy SEAL that killed civilians

Uplifting quote: Kelly trained for months to prepare for the 60-kilometer endurance run. She hopes that her effort will trend on social media and Lieutenant Wilkes will receive a pardon for firing a rocket at a school bus in Afghanistan.

Boss gives bedless employee a bed so he can sleep at work and never leave

Uplifting quote: He slept on the floor of his one-room apartment and walked to work three miles every morning. Now he has no commute and can sleep on a used twin bed in a chemical storage room right where he works in the warehouse.

School raises money to buy their teacher a new car after cops spray her last car with bullets

Uplifting quote: "The bullet holes had been fixed, but her husband died in the passenger seat during a routine traffic stop and she cried every time she drove to work, moaning about the blood, the blood. We all love Mrs. Harrison and thought she deserved a car that had not been covered in her husband's blood."

Billionaire builds school for the children he intends to use in a militia to kill union leaders

Uplifting quote: If it rained or was too hot, these students had to cancel class because they had no roof on their school. Now rain or shine they can learn just enough English by the age of fourteen to obey the commands of contractors sent to coordinate with the death squads.

Grade school class plants 5,000 trees to offset the emissions of a single refrigerator

Uplifting quote: Next year, the class plans to double their efforts and plant over 10,000 trees to offset the emissions of a smart car.

Local student lands impossible hole-in-one shot and wins prize to pay off 1.7% of his college debt

Uplifting quote: "This is great! I worked it out and I should be able to pay off my student loans by the time I'm 56, assuming I don't have any medical problems or buy anything outrageous like a car or house."

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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