Hello, hello! It's been well over a year since Photoshop Phriday last touched the topic of comic books, and even then it was oriented towards perverted jokes. Today we return to that topic with, well, more perverted jokes. But in addition to perverted jokes we have a number of non-perverted jokes, such as jokes about murder, violence against women, crime, superheroes, and so on. I enjoyed the submissions I got so much that I decided I would be a monster to scrap so many of them in order to meet the usual weekly limit of 40-60 images. The last thing I want is to be the second coming of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin combined and put into the body of a werewolf with the cold merciless heart of a robot. Because of this, we're going to be running two straight weeks of Photoshopped comic book covers. Hopefully you'll like that, and if not, well, you can get your ass off my goddamn Internet, you ungrateful bastard! Universal thanks and love to our loyal followers on the Something Awful Forums for agreeing to leave their families and live on our compound producing images day after day.

I would also like to take this time to offer a huge thanks to FreakingNews.com. These dandy gentlemen generously agreed to sponsor this Photoshop Phriday, freeing us from selling our blood on the streets again. FreakingNews is a Photoshop site boasting daily contests with actual fiscal prizes, all with a unique spin. The entire site is team based – teams being republicans, democrats, and independents – and covers daily events in the news. Welcome to the year 3000, where you can now comment on the news visually. Whether you're a fan of watching people do strange things to images or eager to bust out your skills, give this site a try!

Let's get this party going!

CosmoDNA turns everyone's worst nightmare into a reality. Oh, and I don't like apples.

My word, this Grnegsnspm submission sure is strange. My word. My word. GIVE ME BACK MY WORD!!

MAGNUM FORCE makes young Ted Bundy out to be quite the lady killer. I'm here all week folks.

xcalibanx has some sort of hatred for midgets. I mean bums. Shit, the jig is up!

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