This week I tasked the goons with creating alternate jobs for super heroes and super villains. The goal was to take a character and put him in a job where his or her skills and powers would either be wasted or misused. With the equation in place, the Goons filled in the variables with comedy as sharp as a line graph and as curvaceous as a pie chart. Here was the starter image I made to get things rolling:

And that concludes this week's Photoshop Phriday. Thanks for reading! Oh, wait, there are still 10 more pages! Get going and read them!

Flash sure looks bored working at the DMV. "buki" is the jerk who gave him this crappy job:

"clockworkjoe" is the man who made this:

"Jimix" is some kind of patriot:

Like the rest of humanity, "Arsenal" knows that Moon Knight is one big happy flamer:

Martian Manhunter will help you wage a war against dirt. The ever-spicy "KaosFactor" made this:

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