Image by Lemon. The excitement of the blade! Cinema is dead.

Champion salsa dancer by day, mustard thief by night, Paladinus is a condiment genius.

This is nice, Palpek. You're making light fun of a hug. I can get behind that. Ha!

The following two images by Linux Pirate show off what you can do with just a few strategic red blobs.

One if by land, two if by Wifi Toilet.

And Vector Sigma takes us out with... more Dougal Dixon. Why are all the Dougal Dixon references always with that "seasons greetings" text added? That's not how the image originally appears in Man After Man, it's like a meme of a meme at this point.

Thanks to the forums for yet more questionably ethical Halloween festivities! And special thanks, plus a hearty Phridays welcome, to our newest curator Heather Papps! Next time, SA propaganda: Part 2!

– Ian "BFM" Helm

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