Vehicles have long aided man in his pursuit of traveling this horrible world. These mighty metal beasts zip and zoom us all over continents and fly or float us in-between with soulless precision. It is thanks to decades of fine engineering that they do their jobs so well. For no logical reason whatsoever, the Something Awful Forum Goons decided to meddle with this delicate balance that has served us so well, repurposing some popular and well known forms of transportation and dramatically altering the world in the process. Enjoy!

Big props to eightcell for getting this theme started.

Rattus Amicus lives in the year 2014, where everything is fast and explodes real good.

Folks in Hazard County hadn't seen such speedy deliveries until YF19pilot came to town.

Phish Phriday takes the horrors of /pizza to their logical extreme.

I've never thought about this eightcell image. What I think about is providing for my kids.

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