1. Nerdcore Revisited

    Nerdcore Revisited

    Indignant nerdcore fans bombard DFH with links that will totally change his mind about the genre.

  2. YouTube Tour: Covers

    YouTube Tour: Covers

    DFH and Raphandz check out music's cheapest knock-offs!

  3. YouTube Tour: Political Rap

    YouTube Tour: Political Rap

    SA uncovers the worst candidate-supporting and/or issue-addressing rap videos YouTube has to offer.

  4. YouTube Tour: Dadrock Special!

    YouTube Tour: Dadrock Special!

    dial 1-800-ROCK-DAD for all of your entertainment needs; also we can fix cabinets and stuff.

  5. YouTube Tour: Dapp Attack!

    YouTube Tour: Dapp Attack!

    Dapp was going to be an Awful Link, but his site was too funky for such a small blurb. Wait, not funky. I mean funny, to laugh at.

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