Does the size of your penis keep you up at night? Do you suffer from a lack of confidence because of what you lack "down there"? Are you a stupid asshole who thinks the entire worth of your life should evolve around the size of your dick? If you answered yes to any or none of those questions, then have I got a forum for you. It's called Measurection, and it's filled with posters who are actually smaller then you are. This Weekend Web is sure to be a confidence boost for any guy who feels they are a little below average.

This guy has the right attitude. When life throws you a lemon you might as well make lemonade.

I will make all my life decisions based on the size of my penis, including whether or not to have children. Hey, maybe your small dick will skip a generation.

Oh man you guys said it. I especially love those long troughs they have at baseball stadiums. There's no hiding now!

Random Internet strangers give you the confidence you need to please a woman.

Hah hah, an 11-year-old 21 years in the past had a smaller dick than you! Looooser! Maybe you should go back in time and kick his ass. That would make about as much sense as a forum devoted to small penises.

Big blocks of text are my favorite thing in the whole wide world. I love people who post them.

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