It's fucking impossible to navigate today's ALOD.
Seriously, there are things going on with frames & file permissions that haven't happened since 1994. Firefox crashed on me just when I tried to view the GALLERY. Most of the website's content has to be read inside of a frame half the size of that picture. Still, I feel that Naked Angel Art fulfills the spirit in many ways that other crazy ladies drawing seraphs with dongs cannot. How did Naked Angel Art get started?

"My first experience with angels was in 1990-1991 and I'll never forget it: I remember deciding to snack on a bit of cheese and crackers 2 one night while listening to the "smooth" jazz playing on the radio. After finishing the snack, I laid belly down - head resting on raised arms - and stared straight ahead at the bare wall in front of me. For the jazz on the radio switched to what could be called "space age" or "new age" music 3 and had already put me into one of those involuntary trances... I was seeing people with wings! And they were flying, walking, sitting... above the clouds. I couldn't believe my eyes... I believe it was this small amount of panic that alerted one particular male angel to my presence, which before hand went undetected. This angel was not (and I repeat) not friendly at all! In fact, he was rather rude and blankly told me through telepathy, "You don't belong here. Get out." I felt like a kid in a candy store - caught trying to leave without paying for the candy."

So she's a little crazy - so was Picasso, and he painted Messenger of God mammaries from time to time, abiet not at the High School art class level. The question is: is she famous?

The Naked Angel Artist's talent was written in the stars... sharing blood with:
Lamont Lofton - Actor
Ann Peebles - R & B, Jazz Singer
Mario Van Peebles - Actor
Alan Peebles - Photographer
Melvin Peebles - Director, actor, writer
R Donahue Peebles - Multimillionaire

If you were worried that you were purchasing heavenly softcorn porn & weren't getting your investment's worth, purchase with confidence: Nerdgurl is related to a Multimillionaire and the star of Highlander 3.

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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