Whenever I went to my Grandparents place as a little kid, I couldn't sleep in the room with the dolls in the cabinet. There was something about inanimate yet human like figurines staring in your direction while you try to dream about anything but creepy murder dolls. Then again, I couldn't sleep with the giant stone Swan statue in my window facing me as a teenager- but that's another story. Regardless, I don't think I'm alone in saying that dolls are fucking creepy, as are the people who collect them. Creepy enough for an Awful Link of the Day though?

Sew Dolls shows that even websites that sell doll accessories can be fucking terrible. Why on earth would anyone feel compelled to purchase accessories for their dolls, let alone the dolls in the first place? Now, if you can justify that, why would you purchase handicapped dolls? Do you need to pretend that the child-like mannequin can't have its legs, in order to keep the "this doll cannot walk" immersion? Is there some sort of Physical Therapy fetish you need to reenact using soulless effigies of what you dreamed your childhood to be? They don't look cute, and they certainly don't look any cuter in wheelchairs or crutches. Even the mentally retarded aren't going to be inspired by these developmentally disabled figurines.

If for some reason you aren't scared out of your mind at doll people yet - this website also specializes in Doll Lingerie, for all of your Dolls in Underwear roleplaying needs. Impress your friends with your knowledge of Child Pornography loopholes, and kit out your dolls today!

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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