Confused Technologies, submitted by Rich, who was forced to delete all 16 emails they sent to us.. Well, this Awful Link wasn't really found so much as shoved into our gullets like so much bird seed. The lovely folks over at Confused Technologies spammed our email inboxes with it in a pathetic attempt to get us to hire them for whatever it is that they do. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that they were a web design consulting firm. Ohhhhh good. Check out this lovely site FOR A LAW OFFICE that they designed!

Do you have legal problems?

I have problems alright. Big problems. One of these problems is that I fail to see how companies like this can stay in business let alone how people can be dumb enough to pay them money for "services" they provide. It does give me hope, however, because if places like this make money there has to be someone out there willing to pay me for something.

For some more laughs (tears), check out "Grand Prarie Outfitters," another site designed by the illustrious Confused Technologies. Even worse is the "Business Air Center" site, which I guess offers chartered planes for hire, but it was a little unclear on their FANTASTICALLY DESIGNED WEBSITE.

Also, check out their "Graphic Design" section which as far as I can tell pays homage to the "Yes" album covers of yestreyear. Blah.

– Snakey Slithers

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