Internet Dust, submitted by Travis. On the surface this seems to be yet another nonsense conspiracy-wacko page. However, when you dig deeper... oh well, it's still a nonsense conspiracy-wacko page, only it has an amazingly large database of search engine keywords. Why the hell would a useless site like this possibly want to show up on every major search engine throughout the universe? The only content on the page is its exciting array of over 50 million keywords. Let me copy and paste some at random:

Dakota Goverment American Gladiators American Green Winged Teal American Indian Movement American Indian Poetry American Amy jo johnson An Ana Nicole Smith Anachronism Anaheim Angels Anal Anal Sex Anal toys Anaminiacs Anarchist And Scoiety Computers Church Conan O Brien Confederate flags Confedrate flags Configuring Tripwire for And timeline and history israel and earthquake istg isuzu RODEO isuzu trooper it it doesn t matter anyway Anderson Pam anderson Pamaela Pamala Andersen Pamala Anderson Pamala Anderson naked Pamala Anderson Lee Anderson Pamela Anderson Pamela

emulator CUNT PIC FREE XXX HARCORE FUCKING FREE XXX MOVIES FREE XXX PICTURES OF GAY GUYS AND CHICKS FREE XXX YOUNG CURRENCY CUTCO CVT varialble transmition Cabby Cable s Place Cabrini Green Caca Volante Caesar Augustus Cage Basketball Caht Cake Cakewalk Pro Audio 6.0 crack Cal Swimming Cal Womens Swimming Calgary Calgary California Jobs in Canada Jobs on the Internet Jocasta Jodeci Jodeci wavs Joe s Apartment Joe s Camelot Camila Camilla Camille Pissaro Campbell Campeche Camping Equipment Camping New England Camping Canadian history Canadian phone listings Canadian stock quotes Canadians on Gun Control Cancer diagnosis Cancun Cancun Mexico Candaian Trade Cannes Cannes Film Festival Canon Canterbury Tales Cantonese cooking Capital Punishment Capital Punishment costs CapitolHill Chat Capricorn Captain toke Captian Scarlett

SANFRANCISCO QUAKE OF 1906 THE HUMAN BRAIN THE KRIB THE LOST OF MELTING POINTS CHEMSIRTY PICTURES CHICKS CHL CHURCHES IN FLORENCEVILLE N.B. CHile CHmeical Engineering OKLAHOMA ADP ADP tax services ADSFADFS ADSFSDFA ADSL ADULT KINKY SEX ADULTS PICTURES AEPi AEROSMITH AFA OLYMPIC RNA RNC headquarters ROA3 ROAD MAPS ROBOT Navigation ROBOTECH ROCK AVIs ROCK GIUTAR TABS ROMEO AND ONEAC ONSALE AUCTIONS OPEC OPTiMAD ORIENTAL XXX PORN ORganized Crime OS 2 E-Zine OSHA OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE Of Darkness warcraft 3 tides of darkness warcraft AND 2 AND new AND Sounds warcraft AND strategies Offspring The Ozone Layer The Pamela Anderson Web Page The Pantheon The Paris Pages The Park Chat The Park Okeefe Georgia State University Geralds and Game Gerhart Hauptmann Geri German Dictionary

protocol writing stories writing stroies writting a resume ws ftp aaaa aaaaa games aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aacf aadvark aaf aaliyah aardman animations aardvarc erotica aarl aaron aaron kwok aarons erotica aautonome aba law schools abacadaba abacus abaiance abbusters abc abc sports abcd aber5 abercrombie and abortion groups aboveground storage tank or ast and groundwater contamination or pollution abraham lincoln abresses celebration midi celebraty sluth celebreties celebreties nude celebrite celebrites celebrities abruzzi abs absolut vodka absolut


– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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