Vision, submitted by Liberated. We haven't dealt with a furry site in a little while, but don't let that fool you into thinking that they've gone away. Oh, far from it. Just take Tanika "Tani" Devour, for instance. She's just your average purple-haired vampire jaguar looking for love in a crazy, mixed-up world. In other words, she's out of her goddamn mind. This site has everything you ever wanted to know about Tani (i.e. that she exists), plus everything you didn't (i.e., everything else on the site). Just check out Tani's bio. It's got all of her important information, including a full detailed description of her past.

This small jaguar hails from a tribe deep in the mountains. During a war between the dark elves and the tribe, she was captured and taken into slavery by the dark elves who found uses for her. After escaping into furrabian nights she was again captured and forced into slavery until she was thirteen.

Of course, the site has plenty of artwork. As far as I can tell, every furry thinks that he/she/it has oodles of artistic talent, whether that talent be manifested as fursuit design or awkward nude drawings of his/her/its own furry persona and the personas of others.

As you can tell from the above picture, we're dealing with a master artist, here, so it's no wonder that she offers advice on how to create eyes and hair in Photoshop!

All of you aspiring Photoshop artists out there should note how "add your highlights" can be interpreted as "add massive and completely unnecessary lens flare." The same sort of gigantic freak flare that would only reflect on the surface of an eye if the person was staring directly into a nuclear explosion is present in the eyes of every single one of her drawings. Same goes for the hair. Yep, this is the person I want giving me art advice.

Unlike many furry sites, this one has a fair balance between the owner's real self and her furry character. Unfortunately, that balance takes the form of dual journals, one real, one in character. They're both pretty sad.

*sighs* Oh my love.....something is not right, something is quite wrong. I do not know what disturbs my lover..I wish to the gods that I did. I know his love is within, I saw a glimer the other night, but it is trapped within a stone heart. He hurts me now, he leaves for longer ammounts of time, I do not know what his intentions are, but it tears at me.
He was not here to ask me to be his Valentine, he was not here to hold me and whisper "I love you" softly into my ear as he always does. Oh love...I have a plan but I shall not write it down here, I know how to touch him, I know how to embrace him, I pray it works, I pray to the gods that my lover returns to me soon. I feel dead, I've been crying since he left. Please, love, return soon....

That's from the in character version. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. What I want to know is why every furry with a journal feels the need to write like Jewel? Ah, screw it. There's no use trying to figure out this mentality. Just like there's no use trying to figure out the rest of the content on this site, such as this completely inexplicable and totally meaningless flash video. Have fun with that one.

– Ben "Greasnin" Platt

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