MARTIJN.ORG, submitted by MiRRoRMaN. MARTIJN has been publishing a periodical named "OK Magazine" for the past 17 years. And what exactly does this long-running feature revolve around? The justification of pedophilia. WHEE!!!

The association provides a platform for all who want to counter society's negative views of people with a different sexual preference. It wants to create an atmosphere where friendships between children and adults can be freely discussed. The association was founded in 1982 and its goal is to stimulate discussion about adult-child relationships and to strive after legal and social acceptance of these relationships. In these relationships, erotica and sexuality may play a role. The association tries to reach its goal by publishing "OK magazine", putting pressure on the government, cooperating with groups that share our goal, organizing meetings, etceteras.

It is not easy for people who feel attracted to children to out their opinions and feelings, let alone to get them published anywhere. Practically all media, including the so-called quality papers, tend to approach this sexual preference in a very negative way. OK magazine meets this need for a platform. Even though the circulation is not soaring, you are at least given the chance to voice your opinions without being subject to censorship and without the need for providing others with your identity. Dr Edward Brongersma, the internationally famous advocate of boys/boy lovers' rights, who died in 1998, regularly provided articles for OK. Renowned scientists such as Dr Frits Bernard and established poets such as Jaap Zijlstra still write for OK magazine.

Each magazine features a "special" underage boy on the cover, one which probably matches the back of the milk carton underneath the heading, "HAVE YOU SEEN THIS CHILD?" I'm afraid this website is quite horrid and I don't really subscribe to its thoughts and ideas, particularly the whole "let's fuck kids" issue they seem to be pushing. But hey, let's not think about such bad things because we've gotKERRYKITTLES!

PS: If you'd like to contact the webmaster of this fine, fine site and explain your feelings towards homosexual, underage sexual relations, you can feel free to drop him a line at I'm sure he'll appreciate your feedback.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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