The Minimizer, submitted by Silverrain.

The Minimizer is one of the most popular shrinking women/giant rape fetish sites on the entire Internet! For those interested in molesting tiny women with their pinky, this site is a virtual mecca of photoshops and stories all dedicated to the undeniable sexual appeal of women the size of salt shakers. Just imagine if all women were this small? The next time the old lady nags you about watching a football game you could just put her in your pocket with your Mentos, and also they would not bite like a gerbil does! Lets read some of the FAQ for the site:

"A psychologist would tell you that a fantasy about shrinking women down to tiny size suggests some kind of subconscious hatred of women or a desire to dominate them. This may be true, I wouldn't know (I'm not a shrink...funny how they use that term, isn't it?). It's unfair to generalize in this way, of course, because not everyone has the same SW fantasy. While some would indeed enjoy humiliating a tiny woman in a variety of nasty ways, just as many would see a miniature girl as something to be protected and taken care of, and would do anything they could to help one if they found one. Does that show a desire for domination? I doubt it."

I know if I found a small lady I would not be cruel or torture them. I would probably just give them a cotton swab and go to work on some hard to reach areas of my body that needed attention. If they refused I would crush them into jam with my mighty fist and spread them on wheat bread for a midday snack. The sheer volume of fiction in this site terrifies me. I've said this many times before, but these people have way too much spare time on their hands and should be out building dog houses or something. I can't even begin to imagine how many hours went into making all these stories, but it is truly frightening. Let's just take a little peek at one story called "The Ultimatum" (chapter 7).

"Dr. Praetorius looked down at his slave, bound helplessly to the fan. 'Enough idle chatter for now. Have you decided to wear the outfit or would you prefer getting your head yanked off or possibly torn to pieces by the fan if these bonds come loose?'

She glared up at her cruel captor, her pussy dripping from sheer humiliation, despite her fear and anger...or perhaps because of them. 'Am I so insignificant, that you would destroy me over 'bratty' behavior?'

He ran a huge, rough finger over her soft little breasts, then between her legs (smiling at her wetness) and up to her throat. He pressed on her tender neck just enough to cut off the air supply but not enough to crush her delicate windpipe. 'All my little pets are disposable, you are especially so, as I didn't seek you out, you were an intruder. If I crush you, choke you or have you torn to little bits, I can easily get another.'

She sputtered, 'Master, please! You can’t do this! I have rights! I'm a person, a woman!'

'The dead have no rights.... don't you know that your beloved CIA has concluded that you were killed in the Caribbean, where you told them you were going on vacation? Oh yes, little one, you are missing and presumed dead. YOU NO LONGER EXIST!'."

Sure that's not demeaning to women at all! All kinds of terrible fiction are on this site including shrinking women in fantasy and Star Wars settings that lower the bar of sadness if that is even possible. The Minimizer also has clips and pictures from every single shrinking women scene in the history of TV and film. Again, the volume of work that went into this is very scary. The "shrinkies" might not be as big in number as the furries, but they are just as dedicated to their retarded fetish.

Get off my right key bitch!

How insecure do you have to be about your penis size that you feel miniature women are a better fit for you? "Boy these tiny ladies sure make my 2 inch cock seem gargantuan!" I think that's what this site is all about. If you want to know more about this really lame fetish, go ahead and check out the SW (shrinking women) message board. You will lose all faith in anything good or pure and spiral into a severe alcoholic depression like this site did to me. It hurts a lot less when your brain is dying.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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