Furry Depths, submitted by Hanzo. "Adan Lopez" is a young man who gets sexually stimulated by seeing drawings of pandas consuming underage boys, a 200-foot tall version of the Pokemon "Mew" eating a child, and colorful paintings detailing the inside of an animal's stomach, usually containing yet another underage child in the process of being digested. You see, this is all very erotic because we all know that pedophilia is sexy, being eaten alive by anthromorphic barnyard animals is hot as hell, and 200-foot fall Pokemon characters is the absolute epitome of awesome sex.

I don't need no education! (you don't really need to know if you dont love me! GOD i hate my life here! damn school! so unfair im not a drop out because i want it to be! i just drop out cuz of so CORRUPTION in this world and unjustice and Blah blah! im so unhappy now ;_; thanks to those idiots they ruined my future of the person i wanted to be in the future now i have no future.)

I'm still stuck living with my parents. (boring but at least its better than struggling in my own home with tha BILLZ!)

I spend most of my spare time surfing the Web, and read any newsgroup that catches my interest I have a web page that has furry content.

Computers are a large part of my life; I spend time every day in front of one; I've tried my hand at programming My favourite system is Windows 95/98/NT (tho i use Windows ME hehe) I do this for a living.

OH HOLY MOLEY, THIS GUY DROPPED OUT OF SCHOOL AND IS UNEMPLOYED AND LIVES WITH HIS PARENTS AND SPENDS ALL HIS TIME ON THE COMPUTER? WHAT A SERIES OF SHOCKING FACTS THAT I COULD'VE NEVER, EVER, EVER GUESSED IN A MILLION YEARS! This remarkable fellow is so rebellious and original that I'm sure there's nothing standing in his way of becoming King Giant Barnyard Animal Pokemon Child Eater some day. And when that day comes, oh boy, I shall rejoice.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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