Abraxa's Garden of Sadistic Delights, submitted by Lt. Porkins. Q: What do you get when you have deviant sexual art containing devouring, crushing, inflation, and cannibalism that looks like it was drawn by a 8 year old with downs? A: A really shitty web site called Abraxa's Garden of Sadistic Delights. Maybe I'm just an old fashioned prude, but what is the deal with young girls being crushed to death and eaten being a subject of sexual stimulation? Is the Internet breeding Jeffrey Dahmers who can only attain an erection when looking at crude drawings of bloody entrails? Maybe the intro to the site can shed some light on this question.

"Here, about the ambling paths of this slippery garden, you will find a colorful yet dangerous world that will sprout out around you like a tantalizing dream.... Fantasies of being crushed, boiled, and eaten alive, and more are called forth to delight you"

Again I wonder if this is a fetish that solely exists because of the Internet, or if there are dozens of freaks out there that would love to boil me alive and rape my cooked corpse? That's reason #428 to never, ever leave your house unless you absolutely need to.

Oh Casper you card!

Feel free to browse the image gallery's and read the cannibal story until your mind shuts down to protect itself. You can also leave your remarks on their message board, but be warned, the background color is bright red and my result in permanent damage to your corneas. Don't say I didn't warn you.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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