Freedom Domain, submitted by pow3rslave. Welcome to Mcdonalds. Today's special is crazy with a side order of more crazy.

The "Key" to everything in the universe is "Consciousness" or "Awareness".

When "One" realizes the importance of Consciousness, the realization follows that "FREEDOM" to be "Conscious" is a "Natural RIGHT" of every human being.

It is this "Natural RIGHT" that is slowly being taken away from us. "Mind Control" & "Propaganda" through T.V. & the controlled media have slowly turned us into a Nation of "Sleepwalking Consumer Zombies".

It is time to wake Up ! The New World Order is upon us! "Secret Societies" control ALL the major nations and multinational corporations & the media.

Could someone please tell me what the fuck is going on on this site? It bends every known law of time, space, and sanity into a swirling nightmare vortex of htm-hell. Haha, that was an internet joke. I am very clever.

LIGHT (Awareness) and LOVE are the only solutions to dealing with an ever-growing "Black Hole of Ignorance" that clouds the minds of our once great nation.

The "INTERNET" is the "Greatest Tool Available" to spread "Light" (Information) to others and to communicate our feelings to the world. This website is my personal attempt to do this.

I don't know about you, but I sure am glad I have the "INTERNET" so I can read the "incoherant ramblings" of a "complete fucking psychopath". All of the above quotes are from the front page. I'd look at the other pages if didn't truly believe they'd have the same effect as staring at the ark of the covenant, which, according to my graphing calculator, would render me "very, very dead". Sorry folks, but this internet writing gig isn't worth getting turned into a skeleton.

– Jedidiah (@notoriousamoeba)

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