Ultimeas, submitted by DarkKnight. Every now and then I see a site that shows just how out of touch I am with the modern world. This is one of those sites.

Ya thats me, scary ain't it? I just graduated from Frontier Central High School, and am 18 years old. Going to ECC for computer repair and junk for 2 years, then transferring to UB for other various certifications. I work at Briarwood Country Club about 4 days a week, and the other 3 days I'm at the arcade. I've been playing DDR for about 8 months now (started exactly last Halloween). I can pass every song except PSMO without a problem, and have gone through my fair share of home pads (see the pics below if you don't believe me). I try to be a friendly guy, and enjoy the company usually at my favorite arcade (in a nearby mall). I also play Beatmania IIDX, but suck way too much as of now to post anything important. At the arcade, I also play Inital D 3 (see pic below of meh card), Maximum Tune, and also Soul Caliber 2. If your ever down at the Galleria, I'm that wonderful Platinum Marksman, "Ultimeas." ;). Ever wanna chat or meet up at the mall? Hit me up on aim, "ultima32244," and we'll set something up. Well, that's pretty much it. Oh, and I almost forgot, a few credits:

Once you get past that part, which is written in a gigantic font, and then a listing of his friends and how they supported him throughout his long and rich life, you get a listing of what I can only describe as "random nonsense." Seriously, I know it has to do with dance games, but why would you post that stuff anywhere? When did it become socially acceptable to play that nonsense and not be shunned or murdered? If you want to brag about your dance skills, learn to dance. Jumping up and down on a colorful pad is not called dancing. That's called being a fag.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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