Reincarnation, submitted by alucinor. There are a number of religions that embrace the concept of reincarnation. When you think about it, these theories of what happens to us when we die are no more or less plausible than the whole Christian "your soul turns into a rocket and blasts off for heaven" thing. Strip out the complex religious philosophy around reincarnation, take the miracle itself, and you're left with something a bunch of ignorant westerners can cling to like it's a spell they can cast. This site is a forum full, mostly, of raving dumbasses who think that someone can become reincarnated while they are still alive, that animals are capable of reappearing as daughters without the act of conception, and that they can wiggle their fingertips and make lost pets pop out of thin air.

JK, Yes and No but this requires an explanation. It is rare but not so rare that we do not hear of such cases from time to time. First of all there is no death for anyone under any circumstances. The soul that inhabited the body that was in the accident did not return to it but a soul that wished to be back in a physical body took it over. Memory is not made up of matter but electrical forces embedded in another level of matter. So the daughter is correct in recognizing that her mother is not in the body of the person now using it. The soul makes choices and there are higher laws governing all the experiences that we have. It would be a kindness to all concerned to encourage each to accept what has happened and regard it as having been arranged to be in the best interests of each. You will find a broad picture of the laws governing the reappearance of the soul-entity on our web site. Because of the special need for the daughter and the soul now inhabiting her mother's body to understand about reincarnation in order to meet these unusual circumstances, I would encourage you to make a study of the subject so that you can counsel them effectively and helpfully.

If you can actually stand to read that the guy's point is that a woman in an accident can have a ghost fly into her body and take it over so that when she wakes up she is now a different person! No way could it be something much more rational like the trauma of an accident causing a sense of detachment from reality.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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