In a past Phriday we explored a whole heaping helping of awesome new video game ideas. When we did that, the Goons of the Something Awful Forums ended up showing that even their worst ideas were more creative and original than ninety percent of the games currently occupying video game shelf real estate. This week we're proving the same thing again with a brand new batch of hilarious game ideas sure to never see the light of day no matter how nifty they are. Get ready for a whole new level of button slamming excitement, cowboy!

War is Hell, Jesus

"geno1173" pulls another winner out of his hat. Wait a minute, that's no hat...

I'm sure "Wee Mad Arthur" will make millions with this shining example of game design.

"ping" gets all historical on our respective asses.

"hellion00" brings us some political "humor":

"Livestock" sure is a real handful.

"dorquemada" brings the classic struggle to life in stunning new detail:

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