The Jeff Rense Program, submitted by Bella. Sure I don't care for George W Bush and think that history will show that he was probably the worst president ever, but I can't stand all these wackos and foaming Internet nerds who think he is the anti-Christ and has vast sweeping plans to destroy the planet in some type of New World Order. These are the sorts of people that get all the attention and garner more support for Bush since they make the most noise and as such get noticed. How the hell does a radio show this retarded get national air time and thousands of followers? I don't follow radio so I never heard of Jeff Rense, but his frosted perm tells me that he is serious about his conspiracy theories.

"The tie in the t-valve project now becomes clear: our government is denying the capability of making additions into the water system when the work is ongoing. If the introduction of a toxic substance into the lines were planned, would they admit it? It might cause a generalized panic.

For those concerned how our own leadership could possibly be involved in such a questionable matter, one needs to understand the ongoing relationship between the Bush family and Adolph Hitler. It has been well documented by Webster Tarpley and Antonin Chaitkin in the book, “George Bush: An Unauthorized Biography,” that our President’s grandfather, Senator Prescott Bush, was funneling millions of dollars into Hitler’s war effort through Union Bank Corporation. In October, 1942, the government seized UBC under the Trading with the Enemies Act, declaring the bank to be a Nazi front. Prescott Bush was at that time a director of UBC. For those who are interested in further documentation of this, I refer you to chapter 2 of the above cited book.

The Bush-Hitler connection did not end with the seizing of the bank. It simply became more covert and less easy to detect. It was continued on through Skull and Bones, the Yale secret society with massive Nazi connections, into which both Presidents Bush immersed themselves at Yale."

Yeah we get it, Bush is the new Hitler and eats Jewish babies after raping a basket of puppies. We all know Bush is deep into some really shady dealings that are not acceptable for a president, but making him out to be the equivalent to the emperor from Star Wars is giving him a little too much credit. This is a guy who goes to bed before the sun goes down and has his assistant read his newspaper for him. The truth is that these people will be spewing their nutjob theories no matter who is in power. Actually, I would think that these guys love Bush because he gives them so much to talk about. Business is good in the paranoia department these days.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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