Video games have long represented an escape from the harsh chicken nuggets of reality that scratch and claw at our throats as we swallow them. At the same time, many games simulate the real world, from historic conflicts to the founding of civilizations, while still providing the same desired escape. What we had the Something Awful Forum Goons attempt to do this week was to recreate historic moments in the guise if classic video games. What would it look like if the Kennedy assassination took place solely in a Nintendo game? What about the famous Tiananmen Square incident? These questions and more will be answered just as soon as I get myself a drink. Hold on, okay?

Okay I'm back with my drink. I also made myself a sandwich. Give me a minute to finish eating please.

Okay, I'm done.

I'd like to give some mad props to to Freaking News for sponsoring yet another one of our terrible Photoshop Phriday features. When you get a chance, take a magical Internet drive to their e-home and visit with them and their daily Photoshop contests, team based competition, and fabulous prizes. Do it, you foul cretins! I COMMAND YOU!!!

5318008 shows us the eerie parallels between Fred Flintstone and the first man.

Look out, because wazerk just opened the floodgates of fun.

Sandamnit is a fool if he thinks he can pass this ziggurat off as a pyramid and still make it into Photoshop Phriday.

Unbelievably Fat Man takes us to Roman times with the help of this picture and this very sentence you're reading now.

Tapir shows the long climb to martyrdom.

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