Just Ed, submitted by me. I don't get a boner by making fun of religion or anything. I actually grew up in a Catholic house, had a Catholic cat, wore a Catholic hat, and walked down a Catholic sidewalk with my Catholic cane to get to my Catholic school. That having been said, at some point we've all come across at least one person that seemed to have replaced a good chunk of their personality and common sense with religion and set it to autopilot from there. Some people go a little too far and blow themselves and others up, some live in the mountains and take a vow of silence, and some draw really stupid comics.

Just Ed is less an actual comic and more a series of random pictures that serve no purpose other than to vaguely coincide with Bible verses:

Sometimes things can get a little creepy. Moreso than usual, I mean:

Sometimes the comic flat out ROCKS totally fuckin' hardcore and tells us in no uncertain terms that we should bite the heads off of chickens and birds for the lord:

Other times, people just have misshapen and frightening heads. For the lord.

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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