Krusaders, submitted by BABY COME BACK!. Do you love Jesus? More importantly, do you love action?! The Krusaders are here to drop kick a little Christ back into your heart!

Jesus HATES cinderblocks and wants you to pray as you bend steel bars or get punched for the Lord.

Burn on earth so you don't have to burn in the fires of HELL! I actually saw a similar group to these guys called Power Team or something stupid like that. They came to my public school to preach the Word. Ah, the days when church and state coziness was limited mainly to small town Ohio. My favorite Power Team stunt was inflating and bursting a hot water bottle with their lungs. That was the plan, but God was taking a day off or something because the guy tried four or five times, failed and then had to sit out the concrete slab breaking festivities with a beet-red face.

Be sure to meet the team! You can find out that portly Christ Warriors Steven and Christy Paul have been married for 8 years, Adam West doppleganger Ronnie Crawford has been married to Kim for 11 years and poor Justin Cissom has yet to find the right person to tame his Lordly chi and turn him into an honest woman.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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