Alive & Well: AIDS Alternatives, submitted by Dave Grohl. Since the theme today seems to be trivializing HIV/AIDS and insulting its victims, I might as well Awful Link a site that does it without irony. Interestingly enough, the views contained in this site are endorsed by Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl.

Did You Know....
Many experts contend that AIDS is not a fatal, incurable condition caused by HIV? That most of the AIDS information we receive is based on unsubstantiated assumptions, unfounded estimates and improbable predictions? That the symptoms associated with AIDS are treatable using non-toxic, immune enhancing therapies that have restored the health of people diagnosed with AIDS and that have enabled those truly at risk to remain well?

Additionally, Herpes is caused by witches and syphillis is merely the result a chocolate deficiency. I can sleep easy now.

– Seth

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