Ascension 2000, submitted by Jeff Garcia. What can I say? Another day, another nutjob. You know, finding these ALODs can be a real pain in the ass, but you can always depend on the basic human drive to go insane. Sure we covered everything before, but the non-stop nut parade will keep chugging along, and we'll keep linking them for your viewing pleasure.

In the Star Wars trilogy, Darth Vader, as the symbol of the crushing weight of corporate America, is overthrown by the heroic power of love, and we realize that he is our own father, our own family. In Titanic, as the ship representing our modern world sinks, throngs of people surround a minister who boldly and solemnly reads the scripture, saying, "And there will be a new heaven, and a new earth…And there shall be no more death, for we will have everlasting life… " People go to bed and peacefully prepare for what is going to come. Then, people from "the future" come with exotic space-age undersea equipment to try to reconstruct the past events that had happened there, and these people include one of the original participants.

I've noticed a trend on these nutjob sites. They use tons of real scientific and political facts, but list them together with no correlation whatsoever. At a glance it might even look like they are making sense, but once you really read it, it's all just inane babble. It is so confusing that I think that's what attracts all the crazies. They think they can understand it but there is nothing to understand.

I'm not sure if this site follows the trend, because I don't plan on reading it. Frankly, I don't have time. I have a weiner dog race to organize and only 12 hours to do it before the high rollers get here. Protip: Always bet on black.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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