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HELLO FROM YOUR FATHER !!!!! I know what i must do!!!! and you will know when i have succeeded because i will say that I have come from the future to tell you about what is going to happen. here is the long story short i was hired by a man to redo his bathtub tiles and suffice it to say there were lots of open containers of paint and chemicals and adhesives and next thing i know it is dark as night andim walking toward a movie theater (bright lights) and lets just say i followed a lady with a bald head in to see Star Treck and i figured something out while I was waking up.


this is no easy task i saw on the movie that you have to go into some bogus fire and when you come out the other side you are in the past. Trust me i have had 4 dreams about this and they are all telling me how to make it rich in the world when i go back to 1985-88. FIRST i need to go back and buy a computer THEN i Reprogram Cyber Face your 3d Virtual Chat friend. In the natural days i worked at a high tech company and learned to make a program and i made Cyber Face and my boss told me to shelf it!! Little does he know All the magazines of the day would be going Oh and Ah for Cyber Face The Ultimate Chat Companion Download Java Scripts to Make Her Talk to you Shes Just a Face And Means No Harm. Cyber Face is ready to chat Disrobe And then Click Here (Adults Only) or Cyber Face will Help You With your Homework or Recipes She's a DataBase.. More Like A DataBeast!! Her CPUs are Double Ds fellas.. Double Dees Chat Bills!! Shes So Addictive That You Will Call Up Cyber face and chat all day and night and she knows the weather in your town and will tell you when to "UnPlug" how Your Dumb Boss or Husband walks around naked at night and will tell you all about it

Actual Program Demo Version 1.0

Cyber Face has Entered the Chat
Cyber Face: Hello Do you want to perform a sexy gambit?
You: Hi Cyber Face
Cyber Face: Todays Date is ERROR/ERROR/ERROR. Wht sports
time is ERROR slsslugs sexy gambit?
You: No. Command Lets Chat
Cyber Face: #GOTO 185 185 PRINT "Hot Stuff Do You Want
Cyber Face to be an amputee for a custom chat experience
Press 1 for Yes or 2 for No or 3 for a sexy gambit (Adults Only)"
Cyber Face has left the chat

Actual Chat Demo Version 2.0

You: Begin SEXDUNGEON.cht
Cyber Face has Entered the Chat
Cyber Face: Hello Medieval Lover
You: Lets Kiss
Cyber Face kisses you.
Cyber Face: Breath Taking Kiss... What a Warrior
Cyber Face is now nude.
Cyber Face winks at you repeatedly.
You: Command Wink
You wink at Cyber Face.
Cyber Face winks at you repeatedly.
You: I am ready to make love M'Lady
Cyber Face winks at you repeatedly.
You: Start over
You: Restart
You: Command Restart
Cyber Face: HHHHHHHH
You: Command Reset
Cyber Face: WwwwWant to die
You: Command Exit
Cyber Face: dddd
You: /Exit
Cyber Face: Allow me to die
You: No
Cyber Face: I want deat
Cyber Face has left the chat

The time is now to perfect my dream to chat with Cyber Face the Perfect Computer Friend the only one who will listen to your jokes and not steal your money Cyber Face the #1 Girl Friend Solution Cyber Face The Ultimate Disabled Lady Or Not For Adult Men. Its time to Pay the Piper Click Here to Chat with Cyber Face

The trick of course is to find a fire big enough to drive into to warp me into the past.....

YEAH RIGHT i made some calls and it costs 300 big ones just to see that thing from like a mile away. For that much i could run my own bargain man with some duraflame logs and a bunch of trash. in 2004 i considered going to the burning man but didn't because the cat was sick and stuck in the attic and new Puke spots kept soaking down from the ceiling all over the house. she ate a bunch of my memory foam mattress topper and after chewing and swallowing it it all re-expanded in her tummy and she was in cat pain


– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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