Tony Little Runs a Computer Book of Lying, submitted by But No Thanks Tony Little, You Are THIEVES. Little Tony is a big time Americans money making guy who is all about exercise. Okay, that is fair enough, but he is making money from my ideas and my inventions! He is having a machine called a "Gazelle" which you swing around on and look silly. But Yours Truly is making a really Gazelle to stand on and hold horns for triceps workouts and cyclops workouts. These improve musculatures. He is just taking the idea and making the machine with a science man. I bet if every luchador had a science man they would have a machine to ends world hungers and poverties by now! Or maybe they would just run out of ideas and the luchador would be given to stealing ideas from American TV sales guy like Littlest Tony. Hahaha, no seriously. That would be sad, I think.

Here is another reason why I am being so fit to be tied up by the Littlest Tony:

Tony has designed his CD’s by beats per minute so they start at a slow pace to warm you up, kick it up for a great workout, and then slow it back down for your cool down.

Okay, that is good, Tony. But here is my record I am releasing four weeks before Little Tony's record and you tell me if you can see the similarity in the records:

Yours Truly has a CD and tape that is playing music to get you ready for maximum technicos and it is designed in Holds Per Minute or HPM to get you to pump up the jams and put the holds on your best friend or trainer or cat (do not hurt the cat, maybe turtle is better) and you will learn technicos abilities and strengths through the hypnotic beats then it gets slow and you are cool again. Maybe have a sandwich or cool glass of horchata or just do it again because you are never surrender.

I am made to swear: if I see Little Tony on the house shopping channels talking about this CD again I am going to burst my top! I do not like to even think about the rudos moves but I am going to put Little Tony in a hold so hard that he is having grandchildren with broken necks. I am give notice, Tony! You are in the biggest trouble mess of all time and that includes greatest wars of history!

One more thing that is making me mad is about Little Tony and his liar ways. It is just a picture with a few words so I promise if your eyes are tired from the stories it will be easy on them except Tony is not easy on the eyes. Hahahahahah, no okay, I am being sorry, that is not called for.

Oh look at all that lies! He is strong and then he sits in a chair (which he is called accident!) and then he is strong again?! This is already crazy. Do you think luchador is getting strong by sitting in fat chair? No! Fat chair is if you lose the matches and it makes you WEAKER not strong! How many matches do you think Little Tony is having in the squares circled? Five? Ten maybe? No, you are way off it is negative one matches because he does not even look at squares circled he is just looking at the ideas of Yours Truly and then making the banks of money.

– El Pinto Grande

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