The Tonya Harding Website, submitted by frumpus. On its surface this site seems to be an official Tonya Harding website. Dig a little deeper into the "Messages" or "Fantasy" section and you will find a site devoted to horribly insulting or sexually fetishizing Harding. Which is, of course, hilarious.

I fuck your ass nice and slow as you moan‚ and moan‚ and moan with great pleasure. After so much ass fucking‚ I begin to reach my orgasm. Your ass is tight‚ and it feels like it’s sucking on my cock. My cock vomits jets of hot sperm deep into your fine ass.

Later‚ you give me your phone number so we can get together and fuck our brains out.

Nasty Dude

It's like an experiment in mankind's ability to have sexual fantasies about any woman. That's just one of the accepted fantasies on the site. The rejected messages are even better.

Standard Message #: 1746
Subject: Bootylishous Dreams
Author: Angela, 82 yr old Male
Date:Sunday, February 19, 2006 @1:57 AM pacific time
Rating: 10

Yo Tonya‚
My grandson just left the house and now I can get down and dirty with a nice letter to you. As my dentures are cleaning‚ my loins burn with a little Ben Gay and thoughts of you my precious! I imagine getting tubs of Country Crock butter and stuffing it up your nostrils while I insert my tongue into your butthole sans the dentures. By the way‚ I love your hair!!! As I work your bunghole‚ you gasp and shoot the butter out of your nostrils and both projectiles hit the cat and he hisses and bites your pregnant backside‚ OHHHH OHHHHH DANG hold on……….

Rats‚ my blood pressure monitor’s alarm went off again. DANGIT Here comes the kids.. Until later skidshorts!

I love it! Until later, skidshorts!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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