When people post on any forum, whether it's a serious Mozart discussion forum, Something Awful, or PayMeToHumpThings.net, they usually act in a manner that's presentable to the outside world. Of course they do, because someone else is going to read that and they wouldn't want to look like a fruitcake in front of everybody. But behind that relatively normal exterior there are things they're wondering about and want to know, and they type these things where they think nobody will ever see them, like into search engines for example.

If you're more of a nerd than most, (and let's face it, you're reading Something Awful) you probably heard that a week or two ago AOL mistakenly released 3 months of logs from its AOL Search engine, and now the logs are all over the place online. AOL has already apologized for the error, but they shouldn't because these are some of the most awesome things I've ever seen.

Before we get down to business, let me explain what's happening in these images. One of our forum goons, xGryph, coded up a nice little search tool to let us easily look through the 2 gigabytes of logs. The big number on the left is an anonymous user ID AOL provided so advertisers or researchers or whoever's looking at the logs can track an individual account's search habits. Next to that is the search term used. The thing after that is obviously the date, and if you see a URL to the right of the date, that's where the user ended up clicking. Happy looking at stuff!

Send this image to 30 people and your baby won't come out looking all messed up.

Pie sounds lovely. Thank you, Beatrice.

AOL user 2411742 has got a bad case of something.

2917636 knows the importance of being a good host.

There's a big, long sale this week. They've erected signs and deals are popping up all over the store. Get your hands on something quick though, because they'd love to jack up the price and catch you with your pants down. Then they'll jack it up again. And again and again and again.

Job interviews aren't going so well for 1287572.

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