Brainiac and the Cosmic St, submitted by J. Schultz. There's nothing more I can say except "HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!"

"Sometimes when I had to be off planet for a couple of weeks my wife, Sally, would send flowers. Sometimes synth, sometimes real but always with a card or some knick-knack that said 'I love you.' I wasn't particularly sentimental, but I always enjoyed them. The last time, it was a bouquet of a variety of different orchids. I think a few of them were natural, but all of them were beautiful. There was a mini-cube attached with a 3D of us when we were first married. I downed it into my wearable and now I've got it floating and rotating about a meter away, upper left in my default office background. It's great to just gaze out at the stars or the planet below and see it there and remember. That afternoon I left a v-mail for her, but she wouldn't see it 'till local morning anyway, so I sent the ersatz 'post-card' as well. I thought she would really like it - she had a collection from back when they were made out of paper. It was the last correspondence I was able to get out before the end of the age."

All this and more in the next exciting episode of... "GEEKS IN SPACE"!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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