Master Seeking Second Slave, submitted by Nolan. Male Texas nerd is searching for a female Texas nerd to be his slave. Female nerd must pass a rigorous 1,000-step test before becoming his nerd-slave. Well, make that a secondary nerd-slave, just in case the primary nerd fails to fulfill her duties as head nerd slave.

The woman I am seeking should be willing to kneel before me with her eyes lowered and honestly say the following "I give myself freely to you, you own me and I belong to you completely, use me for your own pleasure."

I have a female slave now. My goal is to have two submissives live with me. In the future I may expand that goal to include other women either for permanent relationships or for temporary ones. Other draws on my time include my leisure time activities and my career.

I've yet to come up with a satisfactory way to care for children and still maintain my type of BDSM lifestyle. Hence I've decided to put off the idea of children for a minimum of 10 years. in 10 years I'll once again consider whether to have, or not have children with either one, both, or neither of my submissives the choice will be entirely mine. If you as a candidate are focused on having children and its an unwavering goal in your life you should look elsewhere.

King Nerd also has a link where you can apply to be his slave. He is surprisingly picky for a computer geek.

Oh yes, and I would simply kill myself if I failed to mention there's a guestbook for you to sign. NOW BOW DOWN AND SIGN THE GUESTBOOK NOW, WORMS!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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