Eviland, submitted by Guido. I hereby give this site the


award. Nothing will ever suprass the sheer awfulness this site embodies. Evil, apparently, has the web-design and art skill of a brain damaged sea cow. The site claims to have "over 20,000 pages of evil to explore", but as far as I can tell, 19,991 of them are links to Geocities' 404 error pages.

Oh and I sat on a fold up chair next to my dresser ( no I don't have a big office or a crypt.) and I had to sit side ways. So my back is really hurt because of it. I have a better chair now but. MY BACK ouch Oh my real art work is not up yet I don't have a scanner. So I will be putting them up As soon as I can there's over 2000 works of EVIL art for the world to see. I have been waited for this day all my life. NOW I HAVE THE INTERNET AND ACCESS TO BILLIONS OF PEOPLE. WOW may be I will get lucky and some one Will want to display my art at a ART GALLERY. A real gallery. WHEN ALL MY HARD WORK EVER PAY OFF. OR AM I JUST OUT OF MY Damn MIND.

I got to give props to my boy Chris Powell. We used to dress up a ninjas. and steal shit. We used to steal lawn mores. and sell them to the weed dealers. Behind ICE CREAM CITY..

I remember when I went to the flea market and 7 Vicelords garbed me and beat me up, afterwards I went Chris Powers House and told him what happened. He called all of the FOLKS and even got Prince Paul to join us. We went back and Killed all of them.

I went to the fruit stand and on the way home some ass pulled a gun and wanted all of my food stamps. and the milk too. he told me to run and fired the gun at me. But he missed me.

I took 10 pink flamingos from a yard for my mom.. in the summer of 85"

And the movies I really like are the Matrix (seen it 30 times DAD) GOODFELLAS all time fav (seen it over 200 times) Casino (seen it over 100 times) Yes I am a THUG, or a NINJA.(ICP)

no one every says any thing to me ever except that I am crazy. Well all of the Great minds were all looked upon as crazy so I guess it's a honor.

Yeah, all the crazy people were looked upon as crazy too, so don't read too much into it, Mr. Natas. Make sure to read the page entitled, "How to sell your soul to SATAN" which, among other things, does not mention anything about how to sell your soul to Satan. There's also "HELL's turth", a page that apparently discusses whatever the hell a "turth" is while attacking you with malicious Javascript. My favorite has to be the white trash webmaster's picture with flames superimposed everywhere around him.

Folks, this is honestly the worst page I have EVER seen.

PS: This webpage is just really, really, really awful. Make sure to post your thoughts on the official Eviland thread.

PPS: He has an Eviland Forum you can post on.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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