Nomad's Home, submitted by Chris. Following yesterday's ALOD comes another hot and spicy dose of furry action for you. This should help explain the whole "furry" phenomena to all you ignorant people that don't think fawning over half-human / half-cat things isn't just the most wonderful thing in the world since RonCo's Pocket Fisherman.

Ok ok What Is a Furry? If you Don't know what A Furry is. a Furry is half human and half animal. thats One way Of looking at them. or their humanized. or anthropomorphic.BIG word. well anyway you put it they're cool.and i wish i could meet one.:-)

well What is the Furry lifestyle? Hmm good question everybody has there common opinion. some take it extremely serious and far. But I Just Like it because I think their Cool and very different. Ok that didn't Help A Furry isn't all about looks NO it's lots of things. well then what is it eh? Think about all the Stories you have read About animals with human Characteristics. wind in the Willows.Disney's Robin Hood.winnie the pooh. The Lion King.Fox and the hound. the list goes On for ever.thay were all humanized or anthropomorphic. what that means is that they kept there

Uhhhh... hmmm. Maybe that won't clear it up. Regardless, there's a page of "furry art" which may win your heart over, assuming you're attracted to humanoid-shaped foxes.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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