Welcome to the Home of Mista, submitted by Syf. When writing three pages of "shout outs to ya boyz" on the Internet, it sure is easy to appear to be tough and cool.

That lil punk matt schaller and the ____ed up CG Kru...hahaha wot the ____ is that...Just a warnin for anyone who messed with peepz who i am down with watch out...that meanz my friendz..my fam..my broz..my girlz..dont mess with them..or u know itz on!!!

Hey brudder i aint spoke to u 4 ages m8 and itz not a good thing but i hopefully will after u check the page out ey? its all good joe i hope u keep pimpin as alwayz...remember when me u emma and chalice at my crib...damn that was funny and all the other drunk or toked out memories we have...friendz 4 life!!

Hey and a message to greg...ur PT Cruiser is so F****n in tyte bro its totally off the heezy!! And them mexicains can just go and blow a goat cuz they cant F**K with a number 1 stunna :)....hey me u and rayburn gonna be really pimpin if i get that beetle....

if u dont like then f**k u cuz i dont care..F**k all the haterz that hate me or my boyz whether in the UK or the US...

You know, or maybe not.

PS: theyz a g-book u can sin, yo!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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