Adam's Webpage, submitted by Lanthan. Canadian Geocities Nazi hockey player talks about the things that he holds near and dear to his heart. They just happen to be shooting black people and extolling the virtues of Hitler (and Canada).

I am a Nazi. I get a lot people asking me why I am a Nazi or how I can follow Hitler. I wouldn't say I follow him, well I do now, but that is only until I can create a new group with the Nazi ideals weaved into it along with some other ideals I have of my own. All the answers are all here on my Old Glory page. I just use his old glory to create a new glory just like he used the First and Second Reich to adopt into his Third Reich. I like almost all of his ideas, well practically all of them. I can't really see anything wrong on what his beliefs were.

I play lots of hockey and I listen to heavy metal. My favourite bands are Ramms+ein, old Metallica, Static-X, Fear Factory, Cradle Of Filth, Hatebreed. I also listen to a lot of other heavy bands but I wanted to end the list before it got to long. For all you singal girls out there, sorry I am taken. Her name is Courtney and she is very beautiful and were are very happy together. Hi Courtney! My favourtie movies include, Saving Private Ryan, American History X, Blair Witch Project, Live Aus Berlin(Rammstein concert, 40 000 + people were there to see them), Das Boot, and there are other movies I like.

Yeah, sorry ladies, you can't date this Canadian Geocities Nazi hockey player! He's taken! Better turn on "COPS" and look for more eligible bachelors! You should probably hurry up and check this site out quick, as Geocities is usually pretty quick in TOSing these conspiracy-obsessed Nazi nutbags' pages.

PS: The Canadian Geocities Nazi hockey player has a guestbook you can sign. Heil HTML Gear!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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