AzN PrYdE PoEmZ, submitted by arcsim. Asian people are stereotypically known for being incredibly smart. Don't you just love it when a page breaks all previous stereotypes and labels?

N-E YaLL ReD NeCKz, NiGgAz, HisPaNiC FucKer
KaN't FaDe Us, TraDe uS, Or WaNNa B LyKe uS
YaLL KnO Da MoTha FucKeN FaCt
DaT wE aLL DaT
So LaY BacK & wAtCH uS AsIaN
Pay BaK
AiNt No MoTha FucKeR GoNnA GeT MaD
CuZz it'z TyMe foE da aSiaN KreW 2 Get BaK
So iF N-E YaLL ReD NeCkz, BLaCK @$$, HiSPaNiC BraTz Got a ProBLeM
So WaT yaLL GoNNa Do
CuZz iTz aLL BOuT Da AsIaN KrEw
We RuLe, We CrueL, wE trU
So iF yALL WaNNa SteP uP
WeLL u BeTTa BaK uP
Leave SpAce Foe Da AsiAn KrEw
wEre CuMmIn drU
We HoLd da CrOwN
So yALL KlOwN BeSt Bow dOwN.

It’s the azn niggaz fuck the rest…
Dallas to newyork… jigga we best…

Why is "AZN Pride" on the Internet usually synonymous with "writing like an epileptic child with a broken caps lock key?" For that matter, how does misspelling every single word express pride in your culture? Well, unless your culture was founded by a couple dyslexic gangsters who spilled Pinesol on their keyboards.

PS: tHeRe'Z a G-BoOk u CaN SiGn, but I think you must have ample AzN PrYdE to do so. You can borrow some of mine if you really need it. hErE U gO u kLoWnZ!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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