I'm on Fire Sexy QT, submitted by Paul. Hello, teenage tramp floozy! Thank you for dropping a graphical nuclear bomb on some pages of HTML and creating one of the most annoying and useless things ever! You truly are t00 c00l L0Lz yAayz! OMg sExxxYY and such! Check out this l33t "shout out!"

NaTaShA~ HaY MuH BaBy GiRL...SuP? MeMbA ThE TiMe We WeRe At ThE MouNtaiN...GeTtInG It On? TeHe....CaN I SeE UR BoObZ?! ShOw Me Ur BoObS! LoL JuSt CuT Off SoMe KnEeS At ThE JeAnS AnD you"LL FiT RiGht In!!! oMg...sHez liEk Ur LiL' SisTa! U R SuCh A TalEnTeD CoOk! I CaNt BeLiVe YoU KiSsEd THe BLuE GuY! OmG...MemBa ThAt TiMe We WeRe EaTiNg BreakFaSt AT Ur HoUsE AnD AbOuT To SaY GrAcE So ALanA PuT Her HaNd OuT So I GavE HeR ThE TuRkEy BacOn? LmO!! ThAt WaS So FuNnY!! TeHe...lUv Yaz bAbY BUh Bi!!!

Yeah that was the best! Remember that time you put out for that ceiling fan? OMG!!!!!! OMMMMGTGGIOSED: FJOIJGEOgjOIFSDJGOIEWR OwNaG3 mCpw33naG3 mCr0X0rZ!!!

The sad thing about pages like these is that it makes you realize that there are actually DUMBER people who can't figure out how to get these little miracles on to the web in the first place. I know it doesn't seem possible, but it's true!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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