LiveWED: Get Cyber Married, submitted by Lowtax. The world wide web has come of age! Casinos, pornography, the Internet has been cyber Vegas for years, but where are all the drive through wedding chapels? Your answer can be found at LiveWED, the first online virtual ewedding icyberchapel. I was very excited to learn of this and even more excited to discover that with a few clicks of my mouse I could help Lowtax and Fragmaster realize their dreams of being wed. It may not be recognized as a legal marriage, but if it keeps them from fighting about "getting serious" like they usually do, it's a load off my mind.

The first step in this process was to enter their names. I decided to make Frags the groom and R-Lo the bride and since I know Rich is a big stickler for tradition he would be taking the Bowen family name after the wedding. This part was a little confusing because I guess there could be a Rich "Lowtax" Bowen out there somewhere already, and how would it know that I wasn't trying to marry Fragmaster and THAT Lowtax. Assuming this amazing wedding technology was beyond my comprehension I forged ahead.

After a nice intro by the cyber eminister things got serious, with the exchanging of virtual vows. After clicking "I do" a couple time, agreeing as a proxy for the smitten couple, it got to a screen where I had to "repeat" the vows by typing them in. I went ahead and typed Lowtax's in but Frags is very unconventional and passionate, so I just typed in what I thought he would say.

The system apparently agreed with my assessment, because before I knew it, Rich and Kevin were imarried. A wonderful congratulatory message and a kiss that I can only imagine sealed the deal and the pair were off to their honeymoon. I think they were going to spend their night of passion in their separate apartments unaware that they had even gotten married. Here's to two star-crossed lovers!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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