Funny Medical Articles, submitted by Brett. This site is a treasure trove of odd and hilarious quotes from a Japanese doctor. The guy is not only funny, but he's completely insane, check out some of these gems:

You would also be surprised how much information we can get by poking inside your anus. Though most doctors have short fingers, we can reach as far as we need to reach: the area where cancer of the colon occur in 70% of cases, the farthest 4 Inches of the anus from the asshole .

Ohhhh I trust any doctor who calls it the "asshole". If you're a doctor and your finger is too short well just use your "cock", that's a medical term I heard in a film ("Cockbusters 8: All Anal Cocksluts"). Here's another nugget of joy:

In fact, we are equipped with double stopper system. If James Bond has triple guns in his BMW, we have a triple system inside a double stopper. Though they are called involuntary muscles, they are great devices that control the urine from coming out any time. If James Bond had to pass several doors in order to enter the main control room , your urine, pards, has to pass two massive doors made of muscle which only opens when it needs to ; that is, when the capacity of our ballast (urinary bladder) is already filled up. It sends signal to its amo to discharge or else…

Oh no doc, don't threaten my amo! I give this site a big ALoD thumbs up (my "asshole")!

PS- If you need help with your asshole or James Bond, maybe you can leave the good doctor a message and he'll get back to you.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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