The Nanny Fan Fiction, submitted by brian. Everyone remembers "The Nanny" and her shrill voice, predictable comedy scenarios, and bladder spasmingly lame moral moments. It was a completely forgettable peice of TV history that was best left forgotten by everyone but the cast, crew, and a few diehard insane fans who write hideously boring and sappy fanfiction in frightening volumes.

“Look Miss Fine I know I have been taking you for granted but I want to stop.” Fran looked at him with her brown eyes that always made him want to say his feelings for her but never gave in. She smiled and leaned on the wall, “Really?” Maxwell got closer to her, looked in to her eyes and leaned on the dresser right by the door. “Really and I wanted to ask you if you really meant what you said in the note?” Fran couldn’t stop looking at him but after that question her trance broke, “Yes of course I did.” she walked away looking disappointed then sat on the bed and started looking down. Maxwell walked over to her and got on his knees then lifted her chin, “I’d like to hear it straight from you.” she smiled and a small tear fell down her cheek. “I love you Mr. Sheffield.” he smiled and chuckled a little bit, “Call me Max.” She smiled “I didn’t want to hurt to you but I didn‘t know what to do.” another tear fell down her cheek, “I know and I love you too.” they smiled at each other and he kissed her softly and their heads just touched then she returned the kiss. The kiss lasted longer but was interrupted by someone on the speaker “ALL ASHORE WHO’S GOING ASHORE!”

I honestly could not read more than three sentences of what I just posted before the wall demanded my immediate attention. There are seriously fucking endless parades of this shit on the site. If you printed every page of it I am sure it would reach the moon if somehow taped end to end through the atmosphere, maybe even to the sun, where it would hopefully catch on fire and start a chain reaction where it would come back to earth and cause this site to melt. In case you're interested they also do gushing episode summaries!

Fortunately they have a Message Board so you can find out exactly what makes them tick!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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