People mock furries, in part because they find it unnatural for humans to cavort around in animal costumes. But what if furries simply painted their naked bodies to resemble the shiny coats or radiant plumage of their chosen beasts? Problem solved! No, wait, that actually makes everything immeasurably worse. Come back, fursuits! All is forgiven!

BeastPaint (As NWS as it gets) claims to be "the ONLY Gay BodyPaint site on the net." The world can only hope that's true. DON'T click on that link or you'll never be able to think of hyenas, zebras or males the same way again.

The FAQ page claims the actors are marked with tattoos, adding "You must choose your species very carefully, because you will stay that way for the rest of your days!" Ha ha, they're just joking! There's nothing permanent about this experience for the participants, except the recorded evidence of them yiffing it up, which will last for eternity.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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