Our purpose is to provide entertainment (hence the "Circus") and to educate and to enrich our cultural life (hence the "Bread").

The Bread and Circus Theatre Co. in Columbus, Ohio promises "theatre for the rest of us," which, in terms of Web design, apparently translates to "those of us desperately pining for the age of GeoCities." Pretty much any community theater company boasts an amazingly silly photo gallery, but Bread and Circus goes the extra mile (for the rest of us!) by setting its goofy photos against unimaginably hideous backdrops. Proving that its aesthetic indiscretions extend beyond the Internet, Bread and Circus also makes real, brutally ugly posters for its youth theater shows. Theatre might be the most bittersweetly ephemeral art form, but these terrible graphics last long after the curtains close.

Founded in -- and forever loyal to the design aesthetic of -- 1997.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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