Tigger Tales - (Thanks me) - Look, I like cats as much as the next creepy loner but some people go way overboard, such as the owner of Tigger Tales.

First of all, I highly doubt that a cat, or even a family of cats, can design and upload a web site for mass consumption on the world wide web. That's the first thing that tipped me off that this site may not be everything it claims to be.

And even if cats could design a web site I doubt they would put so much bad poetry about themselves on it.

Your cat is old and is going to die soon. Get over it. But since you're mentally unstable and unable to deal with death in any capacity you'll memorialize all sixteen of your cats on your web site that look exactly the same as every other cat in the world so the other obese women on your Harry Potter mailing list can send condolences.

Boy that sounds bitter. But it's my job as an Internet thug, damnitt.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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