The Dead Bug in Amber Club, submitted by Brian. Imagine the gayest man on earth, I don’t know who he is, he probably lives in some radioactive cave somewhere, but just try and imagine him, overflowing with unadulterated homosexuality. Now imagine him screaming “The Dead Bug in Amber Club” into a bullhorn at the top of his lungs. This mental vignette provides a surprisingly accurate sensory depiction of viewing “The Dead Bug in Amber Club” web site, which, as its name not so subtly suggests, is a club centered around all things dead and bug and in amber. They have a very festive web site.

Mitch Silverstein of Nyack, NY tells this tale:

I was at my basement workdesk where I have my microscope to work with amber. I was finishing and examining a piece I polished with a small bee included. Behind me a few feet away I heard a rustling noise in a crunchy plastic bag. My first thought was that we have mice again and at that point I was more interested in the amber. When I heard the noise again, I went over to see. IT WAS THE BIGGEST BUMBLE BEE I HAD EVER SEEN! BIG AND FUZZY! How he got into my basement I still do not know, but now he's a dead bug encased in my Shop Vac.

Well I am fucking riveted to my seat with that humdinger of a noodler of a yarn! I remember this one time there was this bee in my car and then I rolled my window down AND HOLY FUCK THE BEE WENT OUT THE WINDOW!!! IT WAS BUZZY AND FIZZY! YOWSAH!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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